About Us

Firm “Gandras” was founded in 1989 by General Director Mr Dmitry Podchernin and now is making business in the Baltic States Countries and Russia. By means of ENERGY PLANTS supplying, energy ECONOMY selling, we REDUCE our Customers’ PRODUCTION COSTS. All this is carrying out making projects, installation and start-up of modern, high-technology and reliable equipment, personal training.

The company "Gandras Energoefektas" has many years of experience in the design and implementation of:

  • Bio-fired boilers for hot water, including automatic fuel discharging from vehicles, storage, boiler feed systems;
  • Cogeneration equipment, steam and gas turbines, gas based internal combustion (piston) engines;
  • Any type of generator excitation, synchronization and protection systems;
  • Generator connection to the grid;
  • Automatic control systems for steam turbines, gas turbines, hydro turbines and internal combustion (piston) engines cooling oil supply, ventilation, etc., the production of power and control panels as well as the adjustment works;
  • 0,4-10kV devices, electrical networks up to 10kV installation in industrial, commercial premises and residential buildings;
  • High-performance cost-effective street lighting, reconstruction and modernization of the existing lighting and lighting control systems, which can reduce energy consumption by two or more times;
  • Power systems with solar cells that accumulate excess energy in battery tanks or operate in parallel with power grids.