Certificates of the management systems according to ISO standards

ISO 9001 EN 2018-07-31 ISO 50001 EN ISO 14001 EN 2018-09-13
OHSAS 18001 EN ISO 3834-2 2018-01-20 Page 1 EN 1090-2


Certificates of Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania 

gandras_atestatas-2058 25967 Podcernin SPSC igor_kovaliov_26709
Atestatas 32680 ruslanas_babicius_4188_darbu_vadovas1  


Certificates of State Energy Inspectorate by Ministry of Energy (Economy) of the Republic of Lithuania

T-0828 T-0828 E-0753 Page 1
E-0753 Page 2    

Other Certificates

Latvijas elektroenergetika 1738 Ruslanas Babicius latvijas_elektro_2 Atestatas 32051
kvalifikacijos atestatas kvalifikacijos atestatas