Policy ISO 18001:2007



Company’s labor protection and industrial safety system, that meets the requirements of OHSAS 18001 is used in the field of:

  • project management of general and special construction works;
  • sale of power equipment (turbines, boilers, pumps, valves, etc.);
  • electrical facilities with voltage up to 10kV design and installation;
  • design, sale and commissioning of industrial lighting, power distribution and of automatic devices with voltage up to 10 kV, control cabinets, process automation systems.

CJSC "Gandras Energoefektas" in the sphere of labor protection undertakes to:

  • ensure compliance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, international agreements, requirements, industry standards and regulations governing the activities of the organization in the field of occupational health and safety, and other requirements to which the organization has agreed to perform;
  • to carry out the identification, assessment and management of production risks, certification of workplaces and working conditions and to develop and implement programs aimed at the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases on their results;
  • to carry out consistent involvement of all personnel in the organization to active participation in the activities of occupational health and safety, to improve incentives of participation;
  • introduce continuous systems of training in safe methods of work organization, to form persistent behaviors to comply with safety requirements;
  • to provide continuous system for managing labor and industrial safety improvement, considering it as one of the pillars of sustainable competitive advantage;
  • to provide the protection of personnel in the organization of the impact of negative factors of production, introduce effective modes of work and rest, and introduce effective means of collective and individual protection, if necessary;
  • revise, adjust and improve, the organization's policy on occupational safety and professional safety where necessary;
  • to realize this policy on the social partnership in the framework of direct dialogue between employers and employees principles.


General manager
D. Podchernin 2018-01-02