Policy ISO 50001:2011



Energy efficiency is less than or equal to the cost of energy resources to provide an equal or greater benefit (performance, service, goods, etc.). The company aims to continue improving energy efficiency, in order to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Company’s energy policy of the creation and delivery of services in our industry is based on the following principles:

  • The annual reduction in energy consumption (in units produced, profits, turnover), taking into account the changes and variations in climate and other relevant factors;
  • Implementation and maintenance of appropriate systems of the Energy Policy that helps in achieving our goals and plans in the energy efficiency;
  • Conformity with laws associated with the use of energy resources, energy conservation and energy efficiency;
  • Aspiration to provide the resources needed for the activities and programs to improve energy efficiency;
  • Reduce of negative effect on the environment by reducing the consumption of fuel and energy resources;
  • Development and implementation of energy saving products and services;
  • Continuous training of employees to further enhance the company efficiency and their professional level.


D. Podchernin 2018-01-02