Policy ISO 9001:2008



Top priorities in the company "GANDRAS ENERGOEFEKTAS" are:

  • Selection of reliable suppliers of equipment to ensure a stable supply of high-quality equipment to improve competitiveness;
  • Gain control of construction works;
  • Improving the quality of design work;
  • Complete customer satisfaction in the field of energy generation and conservation, and increasing customer confidence in the company;
  • Improving the competence of continuous development of knowledge, skills and motivation of staff;
  • The development of new services;
  • Improving the effectiveness of the management system (volume of signed contracts) quality.
  • All employees are showing personal activity (personal plans and goals of each employee).

The task of the leaders:

  • Formulate goals and requirements faced by employees;
  • To present these problems to all employees;
  • Create the conditions for the execution of tasks.

The company's management takes responsibility for making available to the employees of this policy and the motivation of its implementation. The company's management is committed to provide tools and resources for the implementation of the Policy and is responsible for its implementation.

General manager
D. Podchernin 2018-01-02