"Wet" cooling towers


JSC «GANDRAS ENERGOEFEKTAS» select and supply cooling towers – the water coolers connected with atmosphere (open circuit cooling towers).

d98501333393232586 Operating principle
The cooling effect in the tower is achieved by the way of evaporation of circulated through the cooling tower water, which is sparged by the special nozzles on sprinkler where flows giving up the heat to circulating air, which drawing in by fans at the top of the cooling tower.

Our offered cooling towers made from superhard and light plastic – fiberglass, all-body made from zinc-coated steel excluding corrosion. 


  • High corrosive resistance
  • Unusual long operating life
  • Having a smaller weight than steel cooling towers make possible to install the cooling tower where it’s necessary  
  • Comfortable design provides free entrance to each part of tower for cleaning and maintenance
  • Low noise level – modern axial fans has a lower noise level because of rotation frequency reduce
  • Built-in electrical system to prevent freezing of cooling towers and fans in winter time встроенная
  • Nozzles structure provides anti-freezing even if cooling tower will stop in winter time форсунки
  • Scope of supply includes water-collecting sump (hot-well), made of plastic with built-in electrical heater and with level gauge.

We offer cooling towers with heat capacity from 18 kW up to 7300 kW
Depend on cooling tower design there are few types of them:

d98501333398591034   A series cooling towers for small-sized cooling systems:
  • Body in fiberglass
  • 13 models available
  • Monocell unit with axial fan
  • Potential from about 18 to 480 kW
d98501333398591340   В series cooling towers for medium-sized cooling systems:
  • Body in fiberglass
  • 4 models available
  • Duble-cell unit with axial fan
  • Potential from about 480 to 860 kW
d98501333391321891   С series cooling towers for medium and big-sized cooling systems:
  • With high-thickness steel supporting structure and fiberglass sandwich panels
  • 16 models available
  • Duble-cell unit with axial fan
  • Potential from about  580 kW to 2600 kW
d98501333390821794    CC series cooling towers  are an extension of the C range:
  • Realized with the use of completely incorrodible materials
  • 8 models available
  • Duble-cell unit with axial fan
  • Potential from about 1000 kW to7300 kW