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      In 2011 was completed project - “JSC “Gandras Energoefektas” improving international competitiveness by launching a line for the production of lighting systems from recyclable materials”. The goal - to start producing mirror reflectors adapted for offices, production department, schools and so on. Moreover, utilization of plastic waste generated in Visaginas. So the facility was built, that contains 2 lines:

      1. First one is used to recycle materials. Recyclable material are sorted and recycled here.

      2. Second line is for processing and production reflectors. The obtained granules from the first line are involved in the production of plastic mirror reflectors.




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    • Sensor LED lamps

      Sensor LED lamps

      led 300

      We offer you a new fuel-efficient LED lighting with an integrated motion sensor and two operating modes!

      LED element lasts an average of 25 years of work. All this time you will not need to change light bulbs in your staircase.

      Proposed luminaires with 7W power match 60W incandescent lamps, thereby ensuring reduction of electricity consumption is almost 9 times.

      Luminaire’s working temperature -35/+50 С will let to mount them not only at staircases, but also in heat supply stations or at the entrance to the staircase on the outside of the building.

      Neat design with LED plate and integrated into the housing motion sensor helps to avoid such problems with vandalism as twisting and breaking light bulbs.

      Housing diameter (18 cm) will hide holes and cracks in walls left from the old luminaires.

      Duration of luminaire burning after sensor’s actuation - more than 20 seconds (when the object freezes). If the object is continuously moving - light goes off only 20 seconds after the end of the motion of an object.

      IP44 rated luminaire ensures protection against ingress of dust and plaster, as well as splashing water.

      Built-in motion sensor detects an object at a distance of 3 m. Sensor detect angle - 140 deg.. The angle of mounting luminaire can be selected depending on your needs and the layout of each site with brackets. Installation of the luminaire at which it can illuminate the portions you like, and thus will not react to run past the cats is possible.


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