Mirror reflector BETA

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BETA reflector approaches for the general and special illumination. It is intended for the single-tube fixture, fixed directly on a tube of a luminescent lamp. For asymmetric illumination it can be turned on 45 and * 186. BETA reflectors are made of various lengths: for all luminescent lamps which diameter of a tube is 26 mm and capacity is from 15 up to 70 W.

Class of inflammability:
BETA reflector is made from materials which abilities of ignition correspond to a temperature mode of class UL 94V - 0.

The reflector is made from a multilayered special polyvinylchloride foil “LAMINAT” by thickness of 0,3 or 0,4 mm. It is covered with a polyethylene film a layer of which is 0,012 mm. It is metallized by aluminium. Details of fastening are made of polycarbonate “LEKSAN”-the material is stable to influence of ultra-violet rays heat.

Efficiency ~ 20% - 69.8%.