SM-54-24 Laterns for medical institutions

This lamp is designed for general and local lighting in the wards, medical institutions, baby homes, sanatoriums. In the case of laterns can be mounted sockets and connections for mobile medical equipment, radio, telephone, television, Internet, and the oxygen supply system. A button to call medical staff can be added. There will be left free space on the control panel if you need to connect to some other equipment.

Lamp mounted above the hospital bed. System features - has a local mode (which reduces power consumption up to 2 times) and general lighting. General illumination light propagates upward, creating a cozy room lighting, scattered and bouncing off the walls and ceiling. Therefore, there would be possibility to turn off the general lighting of the ward, to reducing the consumption of electric energy up to 6 times. Local illumination directed on the bed and illuminates the treatment site.

Latern case is made ​​of recycled plastic, mirror - from Polymetal crystal that is resistant to disinfecting devices.

Reflectors are made according to the new technology “total reflection”, which effectively uses light energy, maximally reflecting the entire flow of the light in the desired direction.

Technical data:

  • multifunction electronic equipment with start-regulation;
  • individual switching of local and general illumination;
  • light source - effective energy saving lamp T8;
  • power - 36W;
  • number of sockets - 2 (possibility to extend up to 4);
  • maximum load per socket - 230W (10A);
  • electroprotection class - I, II;
  • class of protection against the environment - IP20;
  • service time - not less than 10 years;