UAB "Visagino būstas"

The garbage truck is intended for municipal needs: gathering, transportation, unloading of a garbage waste. Possibility of the given car to serve standard containers in capacity from 0,8 - 1,3 m ³, and also the container in capacity of 7,5 m ³.

The car will help to solve a transportation problem on the big distances of easy large-sized dust - cardboard boxes and packing from refrigerators, furniture, leaves of plants and other household dust which gathers manually and plunges into lorries, dump-body trucks or a tractor, further by means of lorries unloads in the container in volume of 7,5 m ³ and is loaded into the garbage truck bunker. Garbage trucks have the linear compacting mechanism  of a waste, with possibility of compacting ratio (1:5), and also work with a biological waste with function “BIO”. Allowing to make consolidation without compression, a waste in a body moves without consolidation (compression) that allows not to squeeze out a liquid from a household waste, and to deliver обводненные a household waste to a dump.

Capacity of a garbage truck to 21 m ³
The maximum weight lifted with the container - of 3500 kg
Gross vehicle weight - 26000 kg
Kerb weight - about 15000 kg

Advantages of the container of 7,5 m ³:
•  Durability and reliability of a design guarantees long service life even at the most rigid operation;
•  the Container is equipped by a hook, wheels
•  In the container the dump-body truck and a tractor can unload.


For increase of comfort of service, garbage trucks can be equipped at will of the client:
  monitor and a rear-view camera, for convenience of work of the operator.
• Х - system which allows to supervise a vehicle to transfer the data about car work to base, to trace the location, speed, fuel consumption, time and a parking lot;
• disinfection system