UAB "Gandras Energoefektas"


JSC „Gandras energoefektas“ had installed recyclable wastes sorting line with an output of 5 t/h in Visaginas. Sortable materials are: PET bottles, PE, paper, cardboard etc. Thus will be reduced number of recyclable wastes, which end up in landfills, but will be selected from wastes mainstream and directed to recycling. Hence will be realized main waste management and handling rules valid in EU and Lithuania.

This line is for waste sorting into grades ready for its further use. Sorted and pressed recyclable wastes are ready for sale, while sorted into grades plastics may also be used in the installed plastic processing line.

Location of recyclable wastes sorting complex

Complex is places in single bay shed, which dimensions are 24х42m, rise is 11m.

Construction of the line allows to work all the year round. Installed line is convenient in service.

Recyclable wastes sorting line consist of:

  • Feeding conveyor;
  • Sorting belt conveyor;
  • Sorting platform with modular room and screening drum;
  • Hydraulic baler;
  • Discharge belt conveyor (reversible).


Feeding chain conveyor is designed to feed unsorted garbage to sorting line. All wastes are moved to the dibhole of the feeding conveyor and later are fed up to sorting belt conveyor. Regulation of the conveyor speed is made by frequency converter.


Sorting belt conveyor is designed for sortable recyclable materials transportation and hand picking into grades. While selecting appropriate grades worker drops it down to the hopper. Along the sorting conveyor there are working places with chutes. Each working place has emergency stop button. Regulation of the conveyor speed is made by frequency converter.


Sorting platform completed with the modular room and screening drum. Screening drum is designed to sieve wastes stream. Modular room is equipped with 4 work places, where each working place has emergency stop button. Room is equipped with heat recuperating ventilation systems and electrical heaters. Sorting platform has chutes, to which workers drop recyclable wastes that are sorted into appropriate grades. Opening of the chutes is made by the side arm.


Single-chamber hydraulic baler complete with feeding chain conveyor and PET perforator. Hydraulic baler is automatically controlled with PLC control panel. Single-chamber hydraulic baler is designed to press recyclable materials into bales with specified sizes. Sorted recyclable wastes are being fed to the press by feeding chain conveyor (Z type). Working with a paper PET perforator automatically shutdowns.


Reversible belt conveyor is designed to transport wastes, which are left after selecting useful grades to an open container, located under the conveyor belt from one side or to transport sorted recyclable material to feeding belt conveyor to hydraulic baler from the other side. Material feeding can be performed to the left or right side, what ensures complex non-stop operation. Regulation of the conveyor speed is made by frequency converter.

sort_visag_out1 sort_visag_out2