SIA „Ventspils nafta”

Twin screw pumps according ATEX supply (with Integral relief valve with combined volume regulating) for tank cleaning.
Pump general technical data:

  • Liquid - light oil products
  • Pumping temperature - -8…+35C
  • Viscosity - up to 50 cSt
  • Ambient temperature - -29C…+40C
  • Capacity - 120 m3/h
  • Diff. Head - 70 m
  • NPSHr - 2.8 m
  • Power - 37 kW
  • Speed - 1470 rpm
  • Ex-proof class - EEXDE IIB T4

Pump design eliminates using of bypass line and frequency converter, which significantly reduces the costs of system design, construction and installation, as well as maintenance costs.
Relief valve has two functions:

  1. The valve operates as a pressure relief valve (safety valve) and acts automatically when reaches spring set pressure. Protects valves and pipes against damage.
  2. The valve can be used as manual control valve to adjust pump output pressure and change capacity range from 0 to 100%.

This pump also can work in reverse, but in this project customer does not require such function.
The pump supplied with a built-in mounting pad for actuator that in future customer could change manual control to automatic control by fixing actuator.
In order to avoid pump operation in cavitation regime Gandras Energoefektas made hydraulic calculations of the existing pipeline system and set optimal pump operation condition (duty point) at which pump can operate smoothly and steadily.