In 2017 JSC "Gandras Energoefektas" won the competition for a school and kindergarten designed 400 kW capacity boiler house construction located at Sniadeckio g.8 in Jašūnai settlement. Under this contract, the design, construction, installation and commissioning of boiler houses were done. The purpose of this project is to install a modern boiler house near the heat consumers, which allowed to stop the old inefficient boiler room, and thanks to the newly installed thermal lines from insulated plastic pipes, to reduce the losses of heat transferred to consumers.

The project consists of a container boiler building, gas supply and control facilities, gas pipelines, condensing boilers, circulation boilers, new water supply systems, HVO systems, heat tracks, stainless steel chimneys, condensate neutralization systems, boiler room heat meters, as well as automated heat Design and installation of a heat supply circuit and heating hot water heating unit.

Two 200kW gas condensing boilers were mounted to produce heat.

Vertical water heating boiler technical data

  • Rated power  200 kW
  • Maximum working pressure 6 bar
  • The temperature of the thermo-water entering the boiler  30-60 ºС
  • Maximum temperature of the water coming out from the boiler   50-80 ºС
  • Efficiency (at 50/30 ºС temperature mode)  108 %
  • Boiler water volume  680 L
  • Boiler regulation range  30 - 100 %
  • Maximum temperature of flue gases (at 50/30 ºС temperature mode) °C 70

In order to ensure that the controlled parameter is maintained at a high efficiency over the modulation range, boilers are fitted with modulating burners.

During the design of the heat unit, it was planned to leave the existing water heating system for hot water supply and connect it in series with the heat exchanger - this will allow the return water to be brought to boiler temperature not higher than 35-40 ° C during the summer and at the same time not to be afraid of legionnelosis.

Thanks to the long-term and stable work achieved parameters:

  • One boiler's thermal output: maximum 250 kW, minimum 45 kW
  • The smoke temperature at a heat output of 250 kW and the return temperature of the water at 48 ºC reached 64 ºC
  • Efficiency = 108%
  • Boiler surface temperature - no more than 20 ° C
  • Exhaust emissions: CO - 0 mg / m3, NOx ~ 50 mg / m3, O2 concentration in smoke ~ 4%